Taiwan’s Famous Bookstore – Eslite Spectrum to Open at The Starhill, KL in 2022

Many book lovers have been very excited for the arrival of Taiwan’s renowned bookstore Eslite Spectrum (誠品生活) after the announcement of its new flagship store in Malaysia. The exact location has finally been revealed with The Starhill KL announcing through its official Facebook page that they are very honored to welcome Eslite Spectrum as its anchor tenant in 2022.

Photo Credit: 誠品書店 eslite bookstore
Photo Credit: The Starhill KL

The Starhill is one of the luxury shopping malls located right at the heart of Bukit Bintang. This new bookstore spanning 70,191 sq ft will be the first-ever outlet in Southeast Asia, taking up the entire Level 1 space including a street-fronting food and beverage outlet on the ground level. The food outlet is situated right next to Starhill Piazza, where creative events and programmes will be staged all year round.

Photo Credit: The Starhill KL
Photo Credit: 誠品書店 eslite bookstore

 If you’ve never heard of the renowned Eslite Spectrum (誠品生活), here’s more information:

  •  The brand is known in Taiwan for being the world’s first 24-hour bookstore.
  • Not just a bookstore, Eslite Spectrum is a “a creative cultural venue with a rich selection of Chinese, English and Malay language books, as well as music, design and hand-made goods, performing arts, themed restaurants and coffee shops, lifestyle brands, and diverse cutting-edge cultural and creative brands”.
  • Eslite Spectrum had been selected by Time magazine as “Asia’s Best Bookstore” in 2014 while CNN had titled them as “World’s Coolest Bookstore” in 2019.
Photo Credit: 誠品書店 eslite bookstore

This amazing bookstore is set to open in 2022 and we cannot wait to visit this place, joining with many other bibliophiles (a person who has a great love of books)!

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Feature Image Credit: The Starhill KL and 誠品書店 eslite bookstore

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