Jurassic Park Coming To Melaka? You Have To Check This Out In December!

As part of their efforts to upgrade the Zoo Melaka and making it a tourist attraction, The Hang Tuah Jaya Municipal Council (MPHTJ) has partnered with two private companies – WeGrow Global Sdn Bhd and Wildlife Concepts Consultancy Sdn Bhd – to build Dinosaur Encounter (the closest we’ll get to Jurassic Park)!

Photo Credit: Dinosaur Encounter

There will be more than 100 species of 1:1 size dinosaurs and this will be the largest interactive dinosaur park in Southeast Asia. The Dinosaur Encounter will be showcased over 5 acre forest park at the Zoo Melaka very soon, with the expected opening this December!

Photo Credit: Dinosaur Encounter

The people behind it are also the same ones who run the 14,000 sqft edutainment dinosaur park located within Pusat Sains Negara, Kuala Lumpur. It has the latest animatronic dinosaurs and the 1st Dinosaur Augmented Reality (AR) in live size for ASEAN, so we can expect that the latest launch will be an amazing one!

Photo Credit: Dinosaur Encounter

Visitors to the Melaka will soon be able to take part in witnessing present-day animals, and also get a chance to relive history with the prehistoric giants. So stay tuned for the opening of Dinosaur Encounter in Melaka Zoo!

The 20-hectare Melaka Zoo, established in 1963, houses about 650 animals from 150 different species from around the world, and also serves as a centre for animal conservation, research and education. The opening times may differ due to the CMCO.

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Feature Image Credit: Dinosaur Encounter

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